Are Window Shutters Still On Trend?

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Are Plantation Shutters Still Stylish?

Window shutters saw a rise in popularity a few years back and it’s easy to see why, from their sleek look to the amazing range of benefits they offer, plantation shutters offer a stylish look that’s hard to compete with. However, the question now on people’s minds is, Are Window Shutters Still Stylish? In this blog, we’ll aim to answer that question for you and then you can make a decision over whether window shutters are the best option for your property or not.

Should I Choose Window Shutters?

Many years ago, window shutters ended up looking dated quickly because of their wood finishes and the amount of louvers and slats that made them up. However, modern window shutter designs offer a much more neutral look and they fit into most decor schemes well. From adding value to your property to their lifespan and durability, there are many reasons why people opt for window shutters over other types of window coverings.

Many people think that shutters only belong in older or more traditional homes, however the styles of new shutters make them much more suitable for a wide range of homes, from new builds to victoria properties and much more. One of the great things about window shutters is they can blend into any home or decor style, offering a fresh and contemporary look or a warm and cosy feel.

Are Window Shutters Still On Trend?

Are Shutters Still Wood Finishes?

The simple answer is no. In fact it’s quite rare for people to opt for bare wooden shutters these days. Most people opt for simple white, or shades of white, and others opt for other neutral tones such as black, cream or grey. With shutters you don’t have to be put in one box, you can either choose them to blend into your decor scheme or to be the main focal point of it. In addition to this, shutters are suitable for any room in the house, whether it be bathrooms, kitchen, living spaces and even offices.

Why Should I Choose Shutters?

Many people opt for shutters because they are high durability, flexible and offer a wide range of other benefits too. Although shutters can cost more than other window covering options, they do offer so many many great benefits and they can even add value to your home as well. With energy prices soaring, shutters could also help you to save money in the long run as well, they are highly energy efficient and they can help to keep heat in your home and they successfully block out any drafts as well.

Are You Ready For Window Shutters?

We are confident that we have put you mind at ease with what we have said about window shutters. So, to answer the original question of Are Window Shutters Still Stylish? The simple answer is yes. Window shutters are still highly stylish and will suit any room or age of property. If you’d like a free no obligation quote for high quality window shutters, then be sure to contact us today. One of our team at Country Blinds and Shutters is always on hand to answer questions and deal with enquiries relating to window shutters.

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