Awnings Which One Should I Buy?

Awnings are known for their modern look and are commonly used by fancy pubs and restaurants to provide extra weather protection for summer and winter days and night. But times have changed and it’s now more flexible than ever and can be used for almost any outdoor space. Picking the right one for you and your home can sometimes be difficult, especially with the variety to choose from. Luckily Country Blinds & Shutters is here to help you along the way.

Is A Patio Awning Right For You?

Are you one of those people who likes to sit out in the garden in summer but can’t stand the sun or sometimes it is too much to handle? Awnings are a great idea to protect you from those scorching rays they also provide shade and regulate temperature.

Awnings are a great way of providing extra space especially if you’re a social butterfly and enjoy gatherings and social events with friends and family or even if you enjoy dining in the garden.

The Right Size Awning

Taking the size of your awning into consideration plays a massive part in choosing the correct size, consider the area in which you want to protect it needs to be wider than any windows and doors. Is your house a sunshine house? Do you experience sun all times of the day? You want your awning large enough to provide shade at all times.
Consider the arm length of your awning, if you’re already pushed for space you don’t want it to lean out too far when fully unfolded. Like anything else measurements are super important considering height, width and depth. If you are unsure then one of our trained professionals is always on hand to help.

Types of Awnings

There are 3 different types of awning: full, half and open cassette.

Full Cassette – The fabric is fully produced from all types of weather throughout the year, even when the unit is closed. The full cassette can be a little more costly but is guaranteed to stay in excellent condition all year round and is a great way to save space.

Half Cassette – The cover and roller are protected by a board to protect and prevent general wear and tear.

Open Cassette – Excellent option for people who are looking for a cheaper alternative but no protection is provided unlike the full and half cassette.

Types of Awning Fabric

Acrylic – There are many benefits of choosing acrylic material: it’s UV resistant, easy to clean all year round and strong and durable for any weather. The only downfall is it doesn’t give great ventilation.

Polyester – There are also benefits when choosing the polyester material; it provides some UV resistance, it’s better to choose this material if your awing is only used occasionally and it’s going to be looked after.

Micro Perforated – For us this would be our number one choice with the most benefits. They provide everything you need to make the perfect awning. They provide excellent ventilation, super hardwiring and offer full protection from UV rays and can be cleaned easily all year round using just water.

Manual or Electric?

The cost of electric awnings are considerably more than manual but that’s to be expected. Making the right choice for you all depends on the size of your awning. The bigger it is, the more work it’s going to take when opening and closing. Manual awning is opened and closed with a handle and can sometimes be hard work. Electric awnings are controlled with the touch of a button; they also come with a range of specs such as lighting, weather sensors and automatic retraction in bad weather conditions.

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