Do Thermal Blinds Prevent Condensation?

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The simple answer is no thermal blinds will not prevent condensation unfortunately. They are designed to provide insulation.

Condensation can be caused by many things and thermal blinds are not designed to prevent any of them nor are they designed to evaporate water.

The good news is thermal blind could help prevent condensation developing or help to a certain degree.
When vapor turns into water it’s known as condensation. A good example of this is when you boil the kettle and steam appears. We all learnt about liquids in school and the different methods water presents itself in depending on the temperature it reaches ice, liquid and gas.

Condensation occurs when the temperature of your inside and outside changes dramatically. The outside glass tends to be cool and the inside warmer causing water vapour to appear condensation usually occurs more during the winter months. The difference in temperatures usually affects how much condensation will occur. Ventilation plays a key part in how much or how little condensation appears, ventilation allows the heat to escape. It’s a good idea to open your windows so the water vapour can escape.

Thermal blinds do not stop condensation occurring; they’re specially designed to prevent drafts and insulation keeping the room warm or cool. They can help to prevent condensation but there is no guarantee it will stop it completely. Thermal blinds will not help and liquid evaporate or prevent any unwanted liquid lingering.

The only thing that will prevent condensation is ventilation. You could also invest in a dehumidifier to help lessen the problem.

It’s possible that thermal blinds can help reduce the risk of condensation because of the material they are made from but there is no guarantee. Thermal blinds are designed specifically to provide ventilation meaning the temperature from the outside and inside are controlled slightly better.

Thermal blinds are an amazing way to provide insulation to any room and they could help reduce the risk of condensation or help it linger in the colder months but this is not a quick fix or a solution to condensation in any room in your home. You may find that condensation occurs more in your kitchen or bathroom. This is simply because they are known as wet rooms and generate the most water on a daily basis.

Anywhere in the home that produces more heat and water is more likely to create more condensation. Remember to keep your rooms well ventilated as discussed thermal blinds are a great option but will not stop condensation they could help prevent it to a certain extent but there is no guarantee.

Thermal blinds can help steady your room temperature and could help reduce heating costs in the colder months.

Having decent windows and seals is a massive help when tackling condensation. There is no quick fix unfortunately but there are steps we can take to prevent unwanted damp and mold.

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