Should I Choose Vertical Blinds?

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What Are Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a type of blinds that are made up of a series of vertical fabric louvres or slats. These can then be twisted by an attached mechanical to either open or close them, in addition to this they are usually fully retractable to the sides as well. Vertical blinds are one of the most cost-effective options on the market, and they let a great amount of light in, whilst also helping to block it out when needed.

The louvres are typically attached to each other by a plastic or string cord, which helps them to operate together. Controls for vertical blinds can typically be placed at either the left hand side or right hand side of the blinds. Keep reading below to find out more about some of the top reasons why people choose vertical blinds and some of the questions you should ask yourself before purchasing vertical blinds.

Should I Choose Vertical Blinds?

Why Should I Choose Vertical Blinds?

One of the most popular types of blinds on the market is vertical blinds. Many people opt for vertical blinds due to their simplicity and how easy they are to maintain. The ability to allow light in or block it out when needed, makes them the perfect blind for any type of property or room. Some of the top reasons why you should choose vertical blinds are:

  • They are suitable for all types of windows and doors
  • Vertical blinds can help to elongate walls and make ceilings feel taller
  • They have easy control options
  • Vertical blinds are low maintenance and require very little to keep them looking pristine
  • Available in a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, vertical and many more
  • The colour options for vertical blinds are almost endless

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Vertical Blinds

Deciding on whether or not you want to choose vertical blinds will depend on a number of factors such as whether they are right for your home or whether they’ll provide the right amount of sunlight blocking for you. Some of the top questions to ask yourself before buying vertical blinds are:

  • Do I need blinds that will block out light in the room? What is the excessive light currently like?
  • Can my windows be easily seen my others and what are the current privacy levels?
  • How hot does the room get?
  • Do I have small children or animals?
  • What are the window or room moisture levels like?
  • Who will need to control the blinds?

Should I Choose Vertical Blinds?

Getting Bespoke Vertical Blinds

If you’re considering having vertical blinds installed, then be sure to get in touch with Country Blinds and Shutters today. Vertical blinds are a highly popular and versatile option which are suitable for both domestic and commercial properties. They come in a wide range of colours and features and they can be tailored to suit your specific needs. For more information on our vertical blind options or for a free quote, be sure to get in touch with us today. One of our team at Country Blinds and Shutters is always on hand to answer questions and deal with enquiries.

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