Should I Get Vertical Blackout Blinds?

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Summer is approaching and is there anything worse than being woken up from a deep sleep on these early sunny mornings? Maybe you just want some privacy from the outside world, or want to watch a film on the sofa but the rays from the sun are reflecting on the tv, annoying right?

If you’re looking for new blinds and want all of the things listed in the paragraph above Blackout Venetians could be the perfect blinds for you. In this short blog from Country Blinds and Shutters explains how they could be beneficial to you and your home.

Benefits of Vertical Blackout Blinds


Who doesn’t love a perfect night’s sleep? Blackout Venetian blinds provide a full blackout in any room. It’s proven that sleeping in a dark room increases the amount of melatonin your body produces. As well as improving sleep patterns Venetian blackouts provide privacy nobody wants those nosy neighbours looking in.


Who would have thought blinds could help you save on energy bills and who doesn’t need a little helping hand these days. Blackout verticals help regulate temperature in any room, insulation in winter for warmth, and keeping rooms cool in summer. Meaning less heating in winter and less fans or cooling aids in winter PERFECT!


If you live in a busy or built up area then Venetian blackouts are perfect. They provide full privacy from the outside world, who want their privacy invaded from passers by or nosy neighbours. They will keep your home private any time of day and night.


Like most blinds the choice of vertical blackouts is endless with a wide variety of patterns and colours you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your interior. You also may want to consider the amount of natural light that enters each room when making a decision.


Vertical blackout blinds are one of the most versatile on the market, they are suitable for any room in the home and can be made to fit any window no matter what shape or size. They are easy to clean making them a hit for homes with children and pets. The benefits of these blinds are endless.


Venetian blackout blinds can be easily maintained and cleaned, because they are made from hardwiring material they can be wiped down with a damp cloth, dusted with a dry cloth or hoover with an attachment. Should you find your blinds become damaged or a little grubby due to wear and tear the slats and parts are easy to replace giving them a fresh new look.


Investing in blackout blinds is definitely cost effective in the long run because they are hardwiring so could potentially last years with the right aftercare. They also provide privacy and help improve sleep as well as being energy efficient all year round.


Venetian blackout blinds are made from thick heavy materials so YES they can help reduce noise from the outside world. Perfect if you live on a main road or busy street.

Buying Blackout Blinds for your Home

Venetian blackout blinds are perfect for any home and have many benefits so it’s important to consider everything we talked about in this blog when making a decision when purchasing the perfect blinds for you and your home. For more information or if you’d like a free quote for blackout vertical blinds, then be sure to get in touch with us today.

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