Shutters Vs. Blinds

When it comes to change in the home it’s sometimes hard not to become overwhelmed and things may get a little daunting so when it comes to changing what’s up at your windows it’s no different. It’s important to do your research before fully committing to such a big change, so we have put together a short blog to help you along the way.


So before you do anything you’re going to want to take into consideration your window, this is going to determine what product you’re going to need. If your windows are shaped arched or angled then shutters are usually the most appropriate option, as they can be designed specifically to fit the shape.
Your blinds may just be a regular standard rectangle or square shaped in that case you could just opt for standard regular blinds.


It’s also worth taking into consideration how often you open and close the window especially if it’s a transom window. It’s important not only to think about access but if you need to let air into the room, this is also a deciding factor in the type of blind you may choose.


Have a long hard think is there anything else you think you need to take into account, whether it be decor placement or privacy these can all play important factors when it comes to decision making.


You definitely want to think about the location of your windows and where they are situated, the type of blinds you decide on will potentially control lighting and heat.


If you’re looking to replace bedroom blinds then there are definitely a few things to consider such as lighting control and whether you would prefer a full black out option. If you’re lucky enough to have a stunning view you can enjoy from your bed then you may want to consider electric blinds.


Depending where your house is situated there’s going to be a few factors you may need to consider when choosing your new blinds or shutters. Consider things like are you on a main road? How much privacy do you have? How much privacy do you want?


Pets is one consideration people always seem to bypass but it’s a factor that’s definitely worth looking at. So you may have a dog that constantly barks when someone is walking past the window therefore you may want to choose a blind that creates more privacy, or you may have a cat who’s forever climbing you may want to think about cords and materials and so on.


Although it’s important to consider all the factors we discuss in this short blog, in the end it all boils down to your own personal choice. We suggest you set some boundaries, look at the pros and cons and decide what you like whether it be wood, material blackout, shutter or roller making the right decision for you and your home is what’s most important.

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