What Are Perfect Fit Blinds?

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Country Blinds and Shutters and Perfect Fit Blinds

Everyone has a window in their home , right? So you will more than likely have something there for a little bit of privacy curtains , nets, roller blinds etc. You will probably find they aren’t as hard wearing as you may like, like most people it’s easy to become sidetracked and put off replacing them. Country Blinds and Shutters are here to make the process as easy and stress free as possible.

Perfect Fit Blinds… What are they?

You guessed it, the clue is in the name perfect fit blinds can be made to fit any window in your home. We understand all properties are different so windows don’t just come in standard sizes , there’s an amazing choice of colours and styles so you’re guaranteed to find something that suits you.

Why should I get a perfect fit window blind?

Perfect fit blinds are a great alternative to curtains, or you could add a blind and a curtain to make your overall look complete, perfect fit blinds provide that extra bit of privacy, they help control the lighting in any room and are a great way to control temperature.

Perfect Fit Blinds .. What are they ?

Different perfect fit window blinds in the home

Your home may have different size windows or even bay windows , you could opt to have 3 perfect fit blinds at your bay window this is a brilliant way of keeping your home looking smart and private. Each blind would be made to fit the window perfectly ensuring an overall fantastic look.

What is available?

We offer a huge range of perfect fit blinds, this also includes both venetian and roller blinds in a massive range of colours and patterns. From bright and beautiful, to cool and traditional whatever you chose we have you covered.

Is the installation easy?

The answer is YES the process is simple, quick and pain free. These blinds are great for rental properties and offer a damage free install. The installation usually takes around 20/30 minutes and there are no tools or drilling required.

How much will they cost?

Like anything the cost of these blinds vary depending on size and material you choose. When browsing we have a price calculator so you can work out a price on whatever you’re looking at simply browse the site, click on the item you like and enter your measurements. Country Blinds and Shutters offer excellent choice and value for money.

Are perfect fit blinds ideal for any room?

Yes they are perfect for any room and any window no matter the size, you can have them installed by one of our professionals or install them yourself as there is no messing around with screws , drills or fiddly tools. Perfect fit blinds are child and pet friendly so no need to worry about their safety. If you need a hand with anything our professional skilled staff are happy to lend a hand.

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